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webasto WBCL009055A Electronic Box Classic V3 101.34 EUR
webasto WBCL001120A Air bleeder model 2000R, 1 connection for seawater pumps WB1500 and WB2000 64.00 EUR
webasto WBCL002246 Capillary tube injection kit SC16 115/230V R22/R407C 43.69 EUR
webasto WBCL000376 3-Speed Cabin Controller Card V2 - 230V 250.71 EUR
webasto WBCL001122A Air bleeder model 2000S with shut-off valve, 1 connection for chilled water pumps WB1500 and WB2000 61.00 EUR
webasto WBCL002206 Reversing valve DSF-11C COOL/HEAT - 48 TO 60000 BTU- 230V 106.99 EUR
webasto WBCL002322A Plate Heat Exchanger Kit CH50-Twin with Water/Glycol distributor 2107.98 EUR
webasto WBCL001118A Air bleeder model 350R, 3/4 connection for seawater pumps WB250 and WB350 39.00 EUR
webasto WBCL002235A High Pressure Switch green Non-Adjustable 350-250 PSI 63.00 EUR
webasto WBCL002299A Bi-Flow Filter / Dryer 1/2 For Chillers 72 - 84.000 BTU 62.56 EUR
webasto WBCL000819 On/Off Card for External Select Blower Modules 70.04 EUR
webasto WBCL000661 Cupro-Nickel Condenser BTOCN-10ES - 12000 BTU 293.00 EUR
webasto WBCL002265 Rotary compressor for SC20/CH20 - 230V - R407C 573.69 EUR
webasto WBCL001181 90º Adaptor for hose nipple WBCL001180 for WB200 PUMP 9.03 EUR
webasto WBCL002320 Plate Exchanger TWN 60000 BTU W/ Water Glycol Manifold 2329.00 EUR
webasto WBCL000108 Run Capacitor 45ÁF 440V for 24.000 BTU compressors 11.91 EUR
webasto WBCL002237A Pressure Safety Switch LP - 16-30 PSI 62.00 EUR
webasto WBCL000668 Cupro-Nickel Condenser S-7-I - 112000 BTU 1862.70 EUR
webasto WBCL000665 Cupro-Nickel Condenser S-6-I - 84000 BTU 1634.48 EUR
webasto WBCL000660 Cupro-Nickel Condenser BTOCN-06ES - 5/9000 BTU 258.99 EUR


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