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Terms and conditions


1.      General information.

The owner of the store is the company:

Janczar Sp. Jawna
Address : Olsztyn, ul. Lubelska 35D
E- mail: info@ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu
tel: +48 89-533-86-11

2.     In view of the Article 71 of the Civil Code, the directory in the internet shop www.ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu is only an invitation to negotiate and cannot be treated as an offer, because pursuant to the Article 66 §1 of the Civil Code, it is a commercial and marketing message. We reserve the right to cease selling some items without advance notice. The prices presented in the directory could change without advance announcement.  All the prices in the directory are quoted in PLN and do not include value-added tax. The prices do not include transport costs.

3.      Our products are warranted up to 2 years, unless the product details state otherwise. By shopping in our store, You agree to the terms presented in this regulation. All the conditions of this regulation were individually agreed between the parties. Trade names, product names or other product labels contained in our shop constitute registered trademarks and are protected pursuant to the Act of 30 June 2000, industrial property law (Dz. U. No 49, item 508, with subsequent amendments). Descriptions presented in our store are of informative character. Using the materials published in our store and copying them for commercial purposes is regulated by the legal form. The company is not responsible for usage of items for unauthorized purposes and for installation of parts inconsistent with manufacturer recommendations. Each doubt concerning installation of a specific part should be consulted by a customer with a professional service.  For its part, the store offers professional consulting concerning the selection of commodities most suitable for customer needs. We do not take responsibility for unlawful use of products.

4.      Processing orders for some commodities could be subordinated to previous down payment or payment in advance. You will receive the receipt or VAT Invoice with specified order lines and transaction costs together with the goods ordered.  We do not accept return of COD consignments.

5.       How to shop.

Placing an order in our store is very easy. In case of doubts or questions, our consultants are prepared to provide You with professional information. There is also a possibility to order products via phone, fax or email. The address is available in "Contact" section.

Choose your product

You can choose your product while viewing the directory or by using a browser. If you decide on your product, click "Add".

Proceed to checkout

To finish your shopping, click on the icon "Proceed to checkout". On the shopping cart page you can change the number of items, verify the contents of your cart, and continue shopping by clicking on the icon "Proceed to checkout".

Placing an order

Now you can choose between the two options:

"Log in..." - if you are a registered user, and you have not logged in earlier, now you will be asked to do it.

"or fill this form:" - creating an account in the Shop www.ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu will allow you to shop faster and to view the history of your orders.

Data needed to place an order. Your name and surname, delivery address, if appropriate - company name, tax identification number (if you do the shopping for a company), and - this is very important - your telephone number and email. Click on "Send and finish transaction" to finish your order. An email, automatically sent after an order is registered to the email address stated by the Buyer during the ordering process, serves as a confirmation of the order.

6.       Product delivery.

The delivery (preparation of a package + shipping) of the ordered product will take between 2 to 5 working days from the moment of obtaining order confirmation, unless another date is given, in case of lack of the product in the central warehouse.

Products are delivered through a courier company. Order delivery time is not shorter than 24 hours from shipment, provided that the order comes in by 12.00 on the previous day and the product is in stock.

Delivery cost is dependent on the package weight, delivery time, payment method and contractor.

All the packages that we send are free from any external defects. While accepting the product, Buyer is obliged to check whether the package is not disturbed or externally damaged, which would indicate that the package was damaged during the transport. The complaint concerning these kinds of damage will be taken into consideration only if a protocol is written down during the package delivery, in presence of the carrier.

In view of the Article 7243 § 2 of the Civil Law, unjustified non receipt of the product by Buyer obliges Buyer to cover all expenses incurred in connection with the received order, especially packing costs and shipment..

7.      The directory www.ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu reserves the right to change delivery time in case of temporary shortage of products in our warehouses caused by reasons beyond our control (strike, cataclysm, production downtime, shortage of products at contractors etc.), inability to determine delivery time, unexpected purchase changes made by contractor, or in case of fortuitous events. Seller is obliged to inform buyer about any situation of this kind.  If the delivery date is exceeded by fault of seller, buyer has a right to refuse the delivered product.

8.       Payment.

Basic payment methods in the internet store are package paid on delivery or prepayment to the bank account. It is also possible to collect the product in the company's registered office. In case of prepayment, the amount due for the internet order should be regulated by transfer to bank account. The internet order number should be placed on bank's transfer order (or on postal order). After the payment, an email with the payment confirmation (copy of transfer order or postal order) should be sent to info@ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu. The order is processed  (when there is no product in our warehouses, we order it from a contractor) when payment is credited on the account. Seller individually establishes conditions and methods of payment for the products sold by him via an internet store. Order completion for special products, of high value or imported on order, may be dependent on previous prepayment or payment of the whole price in advance. Receipt or VAT Invoice with specified order lines and shipment costs will be added to the product. In case of prepayment, the client is obliged to regulate the whole payment to the account written below within 7 days, and then the order will be dispatched (please write your order number in the order title).

9.       Complaints and customer redemption.

Dear Readers,

Complaints concerning external mechanical damage sustained during delivery will be considered  only after checking the contents of the package during its receipt.  The term for accepting this kind of complaint is writing down a complaint protocol with the courier who delivered the package.

The package bears external damage - you should not accept this package and write down the complaint protocol in presence of the carrier.

After unpacking it turns out, that the product was damaged during the transport - you should promptly notify the carrier, write down the protocol of delivery and acceptance in presence of the carrier and, additionally, notify the seller.

In case of failing to complete formalities of this regulation from the chapter "damaged package", the internet store does not take responsibility for damages which are caused by passing the risk to the buyer. The best solution is to open the package in presence of the carrier after the payment, thus in the moment of detecting the damage, the carrier is a witness and writes down the protocol. If the claim concerning the product will meet aforementioned requirements, then a correcting invoice is issued. The original and the copy of this invoice will be sent to the client in a registered letter. The client should send back the signed copy of the correcting invoice, and after receiving it within 14 working days, the store does repayment to the client's account. Money will be transferred by postal order or transfer to the given bank account.

Products are under warranty up to 2 years, unless the product information states differently.  All shipped packages are free from any external physical defects. In case of detecting manufacturing defects you should stop using the product immediately and return it to a warranty service. The product should be delivered to the seller along with the receipt or with the original of the invoice and the description of the defect. The product should be delivered in its original packaging. In case of shipping the product, it should be protected from damaging during the transport. The buyer makes the shipment of complained goods at his own expense. The way of sending the shipping should be established with the seller. It is the condition of expenses reimbursement in case of recognizing the complaint. Defect of the part of the products which are covered by an omnibus transaction cannot lead to making a complaint about all these products. Complaint is recognized within 14 days from the date of the delivery. In case of recognizing a complaint, we covenant to repair the product. When there is no possible way to repair the product, the old product will be replaced. If there is no way to replace the product with the analogue product, it will be replaced with the new one or with the other one of similar parameters. When there is no possibility to repair or replace the product, there will be a repayment. In case of non-recognized complaint, the product is sent to Buyer. In this case the cost of return package is covered by Buyer.

10.   You cannot make complaints about:

a)      defects that are the effect of neglectful use or misuse,

b)      products that are single-handedly remade, repaired or installed improperly,

c)       products that are damaged mechanically, thermally, chemically and defects that  are the result of this damage.

d)      products that are used after detecting damage.

The differences stemmed from the preferential monitor and PC settings of the buyer (proportions, colour, etc.) cannot be the basis of the purchased product complaint. Guarantee includes only the defects in the obtained product.

This guarantee does not constrict or suspend client's rights that are the result of the regulations regarding incompatibility of the product or the surety. The resolutions of this chapter do not apply to the usage of the products delivered to Buyer with a written guarantee. Pursuant to Article 10, Point 3, of the Act from March 2, 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers [...] (Dz.U from March 31, 2000), we do not accept products redemptions which properties are determined by Buyer in placed order or precisely bound to Buyer. Pursuant to Article 10, Point 3, of the Act from March 3, 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers and liabilities for damages caused by a hazardous product (Dz. U. from March 31, 2000), we do not defray postages and charges for credit card payments.

11.   Personal data protection.

By accepting any given form Buyer accepts all the points of this regulation and agrees on processing and use of personal data for administrative, statistical and marketing purposes, in accordance with personal data protection act from August 29, 1997 (Dz. U. no.133 from 1997). In case of submitting personal data Buyer agrees on collection, processing and use of personal data, including email given in order to deliver advertisements, in accordance with act on rendering and electronic services from July 18, 2002 (Dz. U. no,144, item 1204)

User has the right to make a demand to stop processing and/or delete the data, as referred above, by sending an email containing the data which is to be removed to info@ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu.

User can make changes in the personal data on a current basis, on tab "My account". By accepting any given form Buyer agrees to receive unsolicited commercial and marketing messages to the email given in the form. The agreement, as referred to the point 4, can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to info@ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu

12.   Miscellaneous.

To all matters not settled in this regulation, general provisions of Civil Code shall apply. The invalidity of individual provisions from this Regulation does not breach the effectiveness and the validity of the other ones. All disputes between parties will be, in the first place, settled amicably.

13.   Contact.

Janczar Sp. Jawna
Address : Olsztyn, ul. Lubelska 35D
E- mail: info@ogrzewaniepostojowe.eu
tel: +48 89-533-86-11


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