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webasto WBCL007115 Oval duct 90º elbow adaptor 200X60mm - round diameter 125mm 19.19 EUR
webasto WBCL001094A Pump self-priming WB2800G - 230V 50/60Hz – Bronze wet end 1802.50 EUR
webasto WBCL000812B remote air temperature sensor with 12m cable 42.66 EUR
webasto WBCL001305A Pump self-priming WB500G - 230V 50Hz û Bronze wet end 755.01 EUR
webasto WBCL010127A CANbus interface kit 434.76 EUR
webasto WBCL000813B remote air temperature sensor with 3m cable 27.73 EUR
webasto WBCL001109A Pump magnetic drive WB3500 - 230V 50/60Hz 1571.63 EUR
webasto WBCL002123 Calorifier 400V 3ph 50/60Hz - 30kW with safety thermostat 3252.87 EUR
webasto WBCL002498 Round hose ring for self-contained units and air handlers, for air duct with D 150mm 16.40 EUR
webasto WBCL008307 3-way motorized valve kit, 15mm, 115V, for Slimline horizontal air handlers 16000 BTU 247.27 EUR
webasto WBCL002002A Flexible hose D15 with insulation 25m Roll 261.29 EUR
webasto WBCL002514 ABS pipe, diameter 50mm - 2.5m long 62.86 EUR
webasto WBCL008305 3-way motorized valve kit, 15mm, 115V, for Slimline and Crossflow horizontal air handlers 9000 BTU 247.27 EUR
webasto WBCL009059 3-way motorized valve kit, 15mm, 230V, for Compact air handler 5000 BTU 255.97 EUR
webasto WBCL002101 Flow regulating valve STAD-20 - D20mm 165.32 EUR
webasto WBCL010110A Nickel-plated bronze strainer 1, Model 1164 165.32 EUR
webasto WBCL008300 3-way motorized valve kit, 15mm, 115V, for Slimline and Crossflow vertical air handlers 4000-6000 BTU 247.27 EUR
webasto WBCL000777A Danfoss 3-Way motorized Valve, 1 inch 234.62 EUR
webasto WBCL001129C Pump relay box 230V for 4 BlueCool Classic with one sea water pump 272.37 EUR
webasto WBCL009466 3-way motorized valve kit, 20mm, 115V, for Compact air handler 24000 BTU 271.96 EUR


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